This pages lists a few of the “open source” odds and ends that I’ve been working on.
Irrepressible Fragment

Irrepressible.Fragment is a WordPress sidebar plugin that displays censored information from Irrespressible.Info.

MiniPosts are those itty-bitty postings you’ll see on my front page. I’ve extended Morgan Doocy‘s MiniPosts plugin, to make it more user friendly, and more WordPress 2.0ey. You can find more information about it on my MiniPost page.
Green Party Website Badges

Following in the auspicious footsteps of the Firefox badge, I’ve designed a couple of badges for people to use as brag tags, indicating that they are Green, with a capitol “G”.
A country-neutral GP badge A Canada-specific GP badge

The badges were designed to be used by Green Bloggers, but you’re free to put ‘em on your site and to link to your local Green Party.

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