BiblioPress is a WordPress plugin that posts your reviews on Bibliocommons-based library websites onto your blog. You can download it from the WordPress extensions site.

Depending on your theme, reviews should look something like:

Sample Review

BiblioPress will automatically show your rating (if you provided one), the text of the review, and the cover art for the item.

Set up is simple. Go to the BiblioPress configuration page and add the URL of your library, as well as your Bibliocommons user name and password.

BibioPress configuration page.

Note: the library URL is the root of the catalogue. For example, the Ottawa Public Library catalogue is Make sure there isn’t any text after the trailing slash. You can verify a URL by adding “/api/Libraries” to the end of it in your web browser. If it’s valid, you should see lots of text in pointy brackets.
Posting Your Reviews

By default, BiblioPress checks for your new reviews daily. You can manually force a review by going to BP menutitle item in the left-hand side of your administrative dashboard.
Customizing Published Reviews

You can change the appearance of BiblioPress reviews by adding a file named to your current WordPress theme directory. When BiblioPress finds new reviews, they will be formatted according to that file.

Note: BiblioPress only consults when it first discovers a review. It is not consulted when the review is displayed on your blog. BiblioPress does store all of the Bibliocommons metadata on metadata fields for the post, so you can modify your theme to render the post dynamically if you’re comfortable hacking PHP.

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