The Elsewhere WordPress Plugin shows comments blog authors have made on other blogs. So if Erigami owns a blog at PiePalace.ca, and writes a comment on dubroy.com, Piepalace.ca will automatically link to Erigami’s comment on dubroy.com. It’s a great way to show your activity on the web and show your readers what you find interesting.
Get the plugin

The Elsewhere plugin is currently in beta. It’s available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. If you’re interested in helping out, please install the plugin and try playing with it.
How it works

The Elsewhere plugin is built on top of the claim protocol. The protocol allows website A to inform website B that it contains artifacts of interest. In it simplest form, the protocol works by:

Website B publishes a in its header.
The owner of website B comments on website A, including the url of B as part of the comment.
Website A checks the front page of B, getting the claim url.
Website A posts a special request to B’s claim url via HTTP.
Website B accepts the request, and stores it for user approval.

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