Amnesty International UK has created, a website to squeeze censored information into countries with repressive governments. A core part of the Irrepressible campaign is to put short snippets of banned information onto personally owned webpages, making it impossible for a government to censor all news, without hiding the entire outside world.

Irrepressible.Fragment brings those snippets to your WordPress blog. By adding Irrepressible.Fragment to your sidebar, you will help make censored information ubiquitous.
Change Log

This is a list of revisions and changes to Irrepressible.Fragment.

1.0.0 July 15, 2006

Initial version. Grabs a snippet of javascript from Irrepresible.Info.

Installation Instructions

Download Irrepressible.Fragment.
Copy the zip file to the wp-content/plugins directory of your blog
Login to your WordPress blog as administrator, and go to the Plugin panel of the dashboard.
Click on the Activate link beside Irrepressible.Fragments Widget
Click on the Presentation tab in the WordPress admin screen, then click on Sidebar Widgets
You should see Irrepressible.Fragment on the list of available widgets. Click on the name, and drag it over to the Main Sidebar column.
Click Save Changes on the bottom right.

The Irrepressible.Fragments plugin should now be activated. You can see it if you go to the main page of your blog.
Controlling the Appearance of Irrepressible.Fragments

To control the appearance of the Irrepressible.Fragment plugin, go to the Sidebar Widgets page in your admin interface and find the box labelled “Irrepressible Fragment”. Click on the lines on the icon on the right hand side.
Irrepressible Fragment Widget in the Sidebar Menu

You will be presented with two options: a text entry box that allows you to change the title of the Irrepressible.Fragment in your side bar, and a drop-down list that allows you to change the size and shape of the Irrepressible.Fragment. The numbers shown in the right-hand side of the list are the dimensions in pixels. Experiment until you find a size that works for you.

The options screen from Irrepressible.Fragment 1.0.0

Future Versions

It is currently possible to censor the Irrepressible.Fragment. Future versions, expected in late August, 2006, will not have this vulnerability.

If you have problems using Irrepressible.Fragment, please post a message here. Help is not guarenteed (the author is currently busy writing his thesis), but should come eventually.

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