Time Release

With Time Release, you can set your blog to publish a post after some period of inactivity. You edit and create Time Release posts in the usual manner, but you mark it as “Time Release”. After a few days, if you haven’t posted any new stories, then the Time Release posts will start to be published. You can install the plugin from the WordPress plugin page.

Time Delay edit widgetTo mark a post as Time Release:

Create a new post,
On the post edit page, check the box “Queue post for time release” in the “Time Release” sidebar widget,
Save the post as a draft.

You can see your Time Release posts by going to the “Edit Posts” page of your blog. You’ll see a new column with a pill icon for a title. All Time Release posts have a little pill. Time Release posts that haven’t been published yet show a count to the number of days before the post is published.

“Edit Posts” page with Time Release

To control the number of days before a Time Release post appears: Open the Settings menu in your admin dashboard and go to the “Time Release” page. It will allow you to control how many post-free days must go by before your Time Release posts start to appear.

You will receive an email telling you when Time Release publishes a post. There is also a dashboard widget in your admin pages showing you when the Time Release posts were published and when new ones will appear.

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