Link Love

On the off chance you’re interested in the RSS feeds that I read, here’s a quick rundown:

Blog aggregator for Ottawa-related blogs. I wrote the aggregator, so you should read it. =)
Runesmith’s Canadian Content
The rambling of Jennifer Smith. I enjoy her ongoing outrage at the Conservative government.
Ottawa LiveJournal Community
It’s more of a “where can I get X” listing, but it’s sort of interesting to see what the kids are up to.
A near daily listing posting of random bits of Canadian design from the past hundred or so years. I have no idea why their name is in ALL CAPS, but that’s the way it’s presented in their feed.


Lila’s Dreams Blog
Lila’s Dreams is a dev blog for an upcoming web-based MMOG. The setting is inside the psyche of an 11 year old girl. I’m not sure what the game is going to end up being, but it sounds like gardening should be a large part of game play, which sounds quite neat.
I went to school with Pat, and he’s blogging as a grad student, which is a lifestyle that’s dear to my heart. He opines about usability, the evils of hierarchical filesystems, and difficulties installing stuff on Macs. I disagree with most things he says, but he’s well read and he comes at problems from the right angle.
Breathless open data zealots who think freely available data is a really good thing. They don’t trouble themselves with the hard questions of data ownership (curation, metadata, dealing with licensing/access restrictions) but approach the problem from a public interest standpoint. I’m not sure why I read this blog.
The Online Photographer (TOP) and Photoborg
I’m not sure why I read these sites. They’re kinda/sorta about photography. I’m looking for something with a few more tips, but I do enjoy the opining.