The ratings are:
Highly Recommended

Whatever is rated as “highly recommended” can’t really be improved upon. It satisfies all of my expectations, then goes above and beyond becoming a platonic ideal. If something is highly recommended, then I really, really think you should get it. You’ll be happy. Think of this as five stars.

Something rated as “recommended” satisfies all of my requirements and does what it should. It does as expected. Anything rated as “recommended” is worth getting. Think of this as average.
Recommended with Reservations

Anything “recommended with reservations” has issues. It kinda/sorta does what it’s supposed to, but fails in some respect. If you’re willing to hold your nose and ignore the limitation, then it’s better than nothing. But it isn’t great.

Think of this as “kinda crappy.”
Not Recommended

It’s lousy. Stay away. It might kinda/sorta do what it’s supposed to, but you won’t enjoy it.

Not only does this thing fail at what it should be, it somehow makes your life worse in the process.

Think of this as “it’ll wait until you aren’t looking, then it’ll kick your dog.”

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